Friday, March 15, 2013

Quit the Quick-Fix Mentality (it doesn't work)- A to Z Weight-Loss Tips for Long-Term Success - Tip Q

We live in an instant gratification society. When we want something, we want it now! And, of course, we want it to be easy and painless, as evidenced by all of the diet books with titles like:
"Lose 20 pounds in 20 days"
"Lose Weight While you Sleep"
"Lose Big and Fast"
"The Doctors's Quick Weight-loss Diet Cook Book."

The reality is we don't gain pounds of weight overnight (or in 20 days).  Weight gain is a gradual process that results from poor dietary choices coupled with lack of exercise.  We don't gain the weight quickly, so we can't expect it to come off, and STAY OFF, quickly either. This is not realistic. 
Weight loss is a gradual takes time!

Here is the real deal and why you should 
Quit the Quick-Fixes:

  • Quick fixes are time and money-wasters. Think about it: drinking a funky-smelling, horrible tasting concoction or taking dangerous supplements cannot be done forever.  Even if some weight is lost initially, you will gain it all back because you cannot live on detox cleanses, funky juices, or crazy fad diets forever. 
  • Losing weight and getting fit is a gradual process that involves  changing your lifestyle with small steps over time. 
  • To adopt a newer, healthier lifestyle, you have to set realistic goals for yourself and be willing to make the essential changes to achieve those goals.  
  • You have to earn it through hard work and dedication that will continue for the rest of your life if you want the weight to stay off permanently. 

So, Quit to Quick-Fixes. Read my other blog entries on weight-loss tips to help you get started with small, simple changes for gradual and permanent weight loss that will last a life time.  You got this!


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