Monday, June 9, 2014

Volume - Eat More, Lose Weight! A to Z Weight-Loss Tips for Long-Term Success - Tip V

The stomach containing different types and volumes of food
 with the same amount of calories
Eat more VOLUME,
not more CALORIES!

As seen in the illustration, different volumes of food can provide the same number of calories. In this example, 400 calories of oil has a small volume and does not take up much space in the stomach; a similar idea is seen with the chicken. However, 400 calories of vegetables has a much larger volume, filling the stomach. When our stomach is full, a chemical signal is sent to our brain saying: "Hey, you are full and content now, stop eating!".
Getting that signal with a belly full of low calorie, high volume foods will help you eat fewer calories and help you lose weight.

3 Ways to Increase the Volume of Your Meals and Snacks:

  1. Add water- it takes up space with zero calories.
  2. Add fiber- it is non-digestible, slowing the digestion of other food, helping you feel fuller longer.
  3. Add fruits and vegetables - they both contain high amounts of water and fiber.
Here are some examples you can try today: 
  • Choose whole fruits (fresh or frozen) instead of candy or junk food as a snack. 
  • Begin your meal with a fruit or vegetable salad as an appetizer
  • Add fruit to your favorite yogurt 
  • Keep frozen fruit in your freezer; blend with nonfat Greek yogurt for a great smoothie 
  • Add fruit to your breakfast cereal or oatmeal as a way to sweeten it 
  • Add fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables to casseroles or mixed meat dishes (add spinach, diced carrots, and extra onions to chili; add broccoli to baked ziti; add veggies to pasta sauce) 
  • Snack on raw veggies such as carrots, celery sticks, or broccoli crowns with low-fat or non-fat dip
  • Add whole, cooked veggies to grain-based meals like pasta, rice, couscous, etc 
  • Soup - research shows adding soup to a meal helps people eat fewer calories overall: 
    • Choose soups with low-fat broth or stock (instead of cream-based); 
    • Add lots of veggies
    • Add lean proteins such as beans, lentils, barley, or tofu
  • Use only whole grain products to increase fiber intake. Review my blog for more tips on fiber:  Fill up on Fiber!
Stop starving yourself on fad diets.
Eat and enjoy some real food, high in volume, low in calories!