Friday, February 13, 2015

You Decide! A to Z Weight-Loss Tips for Long-Term Success - Tip Y

Weight loss does not come from "super foods", "fat burning pills", "gluten-free diets", or any other external factor. 
Weight loss comes from internal forces: YOUR DECISIONS!

You decide to eat the potato chips or the fruit.
You decide to drink sugary soda or water.
You decide to sit and watch TV or get out and walk.
You decide to sleep in an extra half hour or get up and exercise. 
You decide to drink 3 beers or enjoy 1 beer in moderation.
You decide to order pizza or make a cheap, healthy dinner.
You decide to go to the McDonald's drive-thru or stop for a quick, healthier sub sandwich.
You decide to take the elevator or walk the stairs.
You decide to sit at the dog park or take the dog on a walk or jog.

The day-to-day decisions we make regarding our food intake and physical activity can make a HUGE impact on our lifestyle, health, and weight. 

When it comes time to make these decisions, remember to think about your lifestyle and weight loss goals.