Sunday, January 25, 2015

"X" the Excuses! A to Z Weight-Loss Tips for Long-Term Success - Tip X

"I don't have time to exercise."
"It's too expensive to eat healthy."
"I'm too busy with the kids' schedules."
Etc., etc., etc.

If you want to get healthy, then you need to make goals and plans, NOT excuses. 

Here are 10 simple tips to beat those excuses and get healthy:

  1. Jog or walk while the kids are at their sports practices, warm-ups, or games.
  2. Turn on some music and dance while you do housework.
  3. Do calisthenics, jump rope, or do jumping jacks while you watch your favorite TV program.
  4. It's not necessary to eat fancy, gluten-free, paleo diet foods and nutritional supplements from expensive grocers to be healthy. Much of the fad diets and supplements are unnecessary for most people anyway, and they don't work. Simple, whole, real foods are best, and tend to be cheaper.
  5. Take a walk with the family after dinner.
  6. Meet up with friends to go on a walk or a hike instead of having coffee or alcoholic beverages. 
  7. It only takes 5 minutes to pack a healthy lunch...really! Time yourself if you don't believe me! Make a PB and J sandwich, pack it with a banana, trail mix, and water, and bring this with you to work instead of eating out. This saves money and calories.  
  8. Play with the kids! Join in the fun and play hide and seek, tag, shoot hoops, play soccer, ride bikes, etc. The kids will love it too!
  9. Walk or hike with the dog instead of sitting while your pooch plays at the dog park.
  10. Google some easy, quick, healthy recipes you can cook at home with the family. If everyone chips in, it will get done quickly and is much cheaper and healthier than ordering pizza.
Recipe ideas for cooking healthy on a budget 

When you find yourself making an excuse, find a way to beat that excuse. 
You are worth it!


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