Friday, February 7, 2014

Buyer Beware! Weight-loss supplement companies ordered to refund millions of dollars due to their deceptive advertising!

Like I have written, time and time again, weight-loss pills, powders, drinks, creams, etc.

The only thing that results in weight-loss is eating fewer calories in combination with exercise to burn more calories. For sustained weight management for life, your lifestyle needs to change in order to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan....FOREVER!

The Federal Trade Commission has gone after only 4 weight-loss supplement companies (see news link below), but you can be sure there are more crackdowns to come. Many more of these products are also ineffective and make promises that are simply not true!

Save your money and protect yourself from the potential unwanted side-effects of these supplements.  Get active by doing something you enjoy and make small, simple changes in your diet to control potions and choose healthier options.
How can you get started? Read my other blogs!

Check out the video below for the video news story:
NBC news story - crackdown on deceptive ads for weight loss supplements

Or written story here:
Deceptive weight-loss ad news story


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