Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nutrition in the Park!

What a beautiful morning! I had a great time at Almaden Park talking to the Links, Inc. group about nutrition. The most common issue that comes up with athletes and exercisers who train in the morning is skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast and then trying to work out is like driving your car with the "low fuel" light on. Sooner than later you WILL run out of gas! When this happens, your workout may be sluggish, your training will be less effective, and your performance in your sport (or your exercise goal) will suffer because you haven't trained at your best.

"Breakfast" does not have to be a fancy, sit-down, throw-down event. It can be as simple as fruit and yogurt, a bowl of cereal, half of a bagel or piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. These carbohydrates provide that much needed "fuel" for your muscles and your brain.

What is the biggest reason why people skip breakfast? You guessed it...."I just don't have time". I've heard this from athletes time and again. However, during my sports nutrition seminars I perform a little experiment. I ask for a volunteer from the audience and actually time them with a stopwatch to see how long it takes them to make a simple half bagel with PB. It usually takes them only 25 or 30 seconds. I think we can give ourselves at least that much time to fuel our bodies correctly. It will give us that much needed energy boost in the morning so we have a great workout and productive day!
Fuel Excellence!

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