Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School & Soccer!! - Fuel up to play hard

Fuel Excellence!

New ball. New cleats. New uniform. Training camps. And the list goes on. We want to provide the best for our soccer star, so let’s not forget one of the important factors affecting performance: good nutrition!

Kids need high amounts of energy to meet the demands of soccer, growth, and development. Being properly fueled and hydrated before practice (and games) helps them perform at their best and stay healthy. 

Nutrition Tips before Play:

-ALWAYS eat breakfast and lunch. This fuels their muscles and their brain.

-Have an after-school snack BEFORE practice. Snacks high in carbohydrates and low in fat work best because they digest quickly. Fruits, grains, milk, and yogurt are good choices. Avoid fatty snacks and fast foods before practice and games, because they can lead to stomachaches and low energy. Fluids are important before play for proper hydration. Avoid carbonated beverages because they may cause bloating and stomachaches.

Snacks Recommended Before Play: Allow approximately one hour to digest.
-Fruits, Sports or breakfast bars, Cereal with milk, Yogurt, Bagel, Pretzels or whole-grain crackers

-Water, Fruit smoothie, Low-fat Milk or Soy milk

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